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Founder's Story

Hey everyone, I’m Mike, the founder of DiZNEW, born in 1979. I’m excited to share my entrepreneurial journey with you. Growing up with a seamstress mom, I was surrounded by fabrics and sewing machines from a young age. At 12, I secretly made my first piece of clothing. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a blast and a pivotal moment for me.

University & Work

In college, I decided to major in English, driven by a desire to bring my fashion designs to the world stage. After graduation, I landed my first job at a garment factory in Hong Kong. Over nine years, I dived deep into the world of fabrics, garment construction, production processes, client relations, team building, and fashion design. This hands-on experience was the backbone of my future business.

New Opportunities for Entrepreneurship

In 2010, I left the Hong Kong garment factory right when the Internet was revolutionizing business in China. Discovering Alibaba was a game-changer. It connected me with international buyers seeking high-quality garments. I launched my business on Alibaba, combining my industry knowledge with online marketing. My customer base exploded, and international buyers started loving my work.

Dream of Building My Own Factory

To ensure top-notch quality and quick turnaround times, I set up my own factory. This was a dream come true, bringing me closer to my childhood aspiration of having people worldwide wear my designs. It gave my life a new sense of purpose and fulfillment.

DiZNEW Mission

At DiZNEW, we’re all about collaborating with designers globally to bring your creative visions to life. Seeing you happy with the final product is the highlight of my career. I hope DiZNEW becomes your trusted partner in making your designs a reality. Let’s team up to do what we love and make a mark in the fashion us
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