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At DiZNEW Manufacturer, we've channeled years of denim industry experience into helping individuals and businesses turn their denim dreams into reality. Our tailored solutions and deep expertise will equip you with the confidence and strategies to not only launch but also thrive in the denim market."

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Why Choose US

MOQ=2 pcs

One of our factory's key advantages is our flexibility – we have no minimum order quantity requirement. Whether you're a startup or a large brand, we're here to meet your needs and support your unique business goals.

20 years experience

With over two decades of hands-on experience, our factory is a denim specialist that designers can easily relate to

2000+ Designer

DiZNEW,the preferred choice of over 2,000 designers Collaborations worldwide

Messages from our customers

I used to be exclusively a distributor for other brands, but everything changed when I came across DiZNEW Manufacturers. I've now ventured into creating my own brand, and I've already begun selling products under my unique label

After a relentless quest, I've at last uncovered a denim factory that specializes in crafting small-batch custom pieces. It marks the beginning of my denim business venture.

A group of designers from Malaysia, and they couldn't be happier with the service we provided

After an exhaustive search, we've struck gold by finding a denim factory that can handle large-scale production of our intricate designs. Our client is over the moon with the results