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Custom Denim Manufacturer for Luxury Brands

Delve into our factory's philosophy, deeply rooted in innovation and sustainability. Discover the inspiring journey of our founders and learn about our core values, vision, and mission. Join us as we transform the fashion industry with our custom-made, trendsetting denim us


To become the preferred manufacturer for global streetwear fashion designers.


To create distinctive streetwear fashion brands for our clients and a platform for our employees to achieve their dreams.


Customer first, courage to innovate, strive for progress, and share responsibilities and benefits.

DiZNEW brand concept: Spread fashion culture!

DiZNEW is a dynamic force in the fashion industry, bridging the gap between business and consumer through our B2B2C approach. we empower businesses to connect with their target audience by offering tailored street fashion solutions that resonate with individuality and creativity.Join us on this journey as we continue to innovate and inspire, shapingthe future of fashion where businesses thrive and consumers find theirvoice.

Partnering for Growth

We collaborate with businesses to enhance their brand image and market positioning, Our B2B services are designed to provide a seamless expenence from concept to production, ensuning that each brand's vision is realized with quality and innovation. We understand the unique needs of our corporate clients and offer customized solutions that help them stand out in the competitive landscape.


Inspiring Self-Expression

Our strategic market insights and innovative pattern development capabilities enable us to craft products that not only address the current market demands but also catalyze a profound sense of self-expression and individuality among consumers. Through our B2B partnerships, we extend our reach to B2C, delivering exceptional value by creating street fashion that is both aspirational and attainable, resonating with a diverse consumer base and enhancing their personal brand.


The Complete Ecosystem

By combining our B2B and B2C strategies, DiZNEW creates a comprehensive ecosystem that fosters growth for businesses and satisfaction for consumers. We are committed to curating and producing fashion that reflects the pulse of urban life,empowering both businesses and individuals to express themselves freely and authentically.



In 2004, founder Mike began his journey as a fashion consultant, initially serving large clients. Over time, he saw the need for personalized customization among smaller clients, but they couldn't meet the factory's minimum order requirements. Mike was determined to solve this problem and set about doing it.


Mike founded his own company, DiZNEW, in 2010. DiZNEW promises a minimum order quantity of just 30 pieces, catering specifically to small and medium-sized clients. Starting small was challenging, but under Mike's leadership, they developed a supply chain system that supports small orders.


With over 20 years of expertise, DiZNEW is now among the top five streetwear factories in the U.S. Beginning with a three-person team in a modest space, their passion and commitment have built a thriving fashion enterprise.


Guided by the principle of "Customer First, Quality is Our Culture”, DiZNEW takes pride in having minimum 30 pcs order quantity, prioritizing every customer. Our mission is to design and produce exquisite products, creating unique streetwear brands for our clients. we will continue to innovate and inspire in street fashion.

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