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Services Provided by DiZNEW

As a manufacturer specializing in men jeans, providing customers with the following services.

Private Label Services

We can provide our own brand service and make clothing according to your specific design and requirements.

OEM/ODM Services

DiZNEW manufacturer specializes in manufacturing jeans with 20 years of OEM/ODM experience.

We collaborate with the following groups. lf you belong to any of these groups, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Design Teams

Individual Designers

Designers Students

Cooperation Process

DiZNEW is manufacturer specializes in manufacturing jeans. We provide you with one-stop customized denim solutions.

Customize Your Jeans: Personalized Designs & Fit

We are a specialized denim company where you can choose from our fitting size chart or personalize your own fitting, customizing your designs with a personal touch

 MOQ: 30pcs/per style 

DiZNEW manufacturer offers a minimum MOQ that allows you to order in modest quantities with freedom. Accessible solutions are guaranteed worldwide by our dedication to perfecting small-batch manufacturing. With high-quality apparel made to your quantity specifications, custom clothing for small businesses has never been easier.

Tracking Down The Denim Fabric

As an established custom denim jeans manufacturer, we tailor denim fabric to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our top-grade fabric ensures the highest quality, using the finest denim to guarantee superior products.

Lead time for customizing bulk and sample denim jeans

Dive into the detailed lead time breakdown for high-quality denim jeans.

Sample turnaround: about 12-18 days
Bulk turnaround:about 30-40 days

Sample Time Breakdown

Make sample sheet--buyer fabric 2 days

Creat pattern 3 days

sewing 5 days

washing 3 days

finishing 2 days

Product Visualization Services

We provide product visualization services and understand every link in real time.

Customizable Options

Custom jeans manufacturer, offering customers the following customization options.

Fabrics Customization

Raw Selvage Denim

Raw Selvage Denim

Jacquard Denim

100% Cotton

Cotton & Elastane

Cotton & Polyester

Fitting Customization

Skinny Jeans

Straight Jeans

Boot Cut Jeans

Baggy Jeans

Craftsmanship Customization




Tie Dye



Flocked denim

Jacquard Denim

Logo Customization

Main Labels

Washed labels

Leather patches




Hand tags

Poly Bags

Leather Labels

Leather Labels

Project cases

We have been following your development and growing with you

Customer Service Case

The customer, an intricate original design stylist with both design andprototyping skills, struggled to find a factory capable of replicatingtheir complex prototypes. After failed attempts with multiple denimsuppliers, they turned to us. We committed to the challenge andsuccessfully replicated the customer's designs. With our dedicatedservice team and ample research time, we achieved the desiredoutcome: two pairs of pants made according to the customer'sspecifications, including a unique process of sewing, washing, andre-sewing.The customer is very excited and very satisfied with ourproduct.

Customer Service Case

1. The customer, lacking professional design skills, conveys their ideas through sketches and creative inspiration.

2. A salesperson changed the company's bank account, leading to the misappropriation of customer funds before resigning. Despite this setback, we provided free prototypes based on the customer's descriptions and absorbed all losses. We offer excellent after-sales service, complimentary prototypes, effective communication, and expert advice on denim design and fashion trends.

Customer Service Case

The customer, a busy owner of physical and online stores, seekseffortless solutions and prefers making choices from provided options.We offer dedicated sales representatives to analyze their needs andpresent solutions, saving them time. With our professional support, weensure a hassle-free experience for the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for frequently asked questions, if you have other questions, please contact us directly, we will answer for you at any time.
  • What is the minimum order quantity for your jeans manufacturing services?
    "Our minimum order quantity is 30 pieces per style. As expert denim jeans manufacturers, we specialize in custom high-end denim jeans and excel in creating complex styles. Choose us for premium quality and precise craftsmanship."
  • What about sample lead time?
    Sample lead time about 15 days to ship,Complex styles lead time about 20-25 days to ship.
  • Can you accept customization?
    Yes,We specialize in customization men's jeans manufacturer

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